Ep. 220 Mark

Meet Mark.

Mark’s main concerns, in his own words: “I have not been working since 2016, following a divorce and am still on the job search. Only debt really is home and car (bought a low-mileage 3 year old Lexus for $34K, owe about $30K). The kid’s college is paid for (we have a 16 and 14 yr old), per the divorce, between 529’s and grandparents (her parents).

Right now, we’re still sharing everything until we sell the house and move out*. I’m trying to downsize everything, and my expenses should be much lower when we sell the house and I buy/rent something else. In regards to my job search, I’m exploring  the idea of buying a franchise, starting a small business, or investing in real estate i.e flips, rentals, etc. Still brainstorming and would love an option on what my best option(s) is.”

*note: as of the recording of this, Mark has sold the house

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