Ep. 221: Teaching Your Kids About Money

This week, we bring you a very special edition of The Million Dollar Plan: Teaching Kids About Money. This is an episode, I have waited a very long time to do. It’s no secret I LOVE talking and teaching about money, especially with my own kids. There was no better special guest to help me host this episode than my daughter, Ollie Dunn.

Over the course of this episode, Ollie helps me break down the top ten things I want her to know about money. We kick things off discussing why we budget and save our money. Both topics are important, but we dive a little deeper into the significance of not only saving your money, but more so the importance of investing it. I want her to understand the reason why she’s investing, is to save for the future. And that with a little patience, by investing her money now, she will have more resources to utilize down the road. The majority of what your kids know about money comes from you. So ask yourself: what are your habits teaching your kids about money?


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