Ep. 226: Solving Nicole’s Problems

On this episode of The Pete The Planner Show our favorite millennial producer Nicole… has had quite the week. And in light, she’s found herself with some problems and we’re talking her through them.

Over the past year Nicole’s financial habits have changed DRASTICALLY. She has introduced healthier money habits including contributing to her long term savings, establishing an emergency fund, and setting short terms savings aside to sooner than later purchase a new car. In every sense, she’s been responsible with her finances (I wonder where she’s learned her new money habits from ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

And then, life threw a curve ball.

Nicole has found herself in a predicament and a new car is on her horizon sooner than she anticipated. This is a day she’s been preparing for, but now has some decisions she has to make. Over the course of this episode we help establish a couple options for her, because, who doesn’t love options?  And while she wasn’t quite ready to buy a new car, we help Nicole work through a lesson in adulthood of life will hand you lemons, when you think you’re not quite ready to make lemonade.

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