Ep. 229: Sara

Meet, Sara.

Sara’s main concerns, in her own words: “My husband and I are in our late 20’s and currently live in a metropolis part of the midwest where we bought our first home soon after we graduated from college. We do not want to start our family in our current area because of the high cost of living and a few additional factors. We are moving to a suburb of the Midwest in a few months to be closer to family.

We would like to purchase a home in our new suburb but are not sure of a price point. Should we purchase a home for the price we paid for our first home and get a large home in the suburbs that we will stay in and our future children will grow into? Or should we buy a home we are not sure we will stay in for over 10 years? When we do have children we will have to spend money on daycare so I am not sure what financially will make sense for us as a mortgage. We will also want to increase our 401K when we move.”

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