Ep. 231: Devante

This week, we meet Devante.
Devante’s main concerns, in his own words: “As an immigrant to the U.S., I am determined to do things smarter/more efficiently than my parents did when we first arrived here over 20 yrs ago. I am a 34 yr old husband and father of two toddlers.
Finally exhausted from obsessing over whether or not I’m doing the right thing for my family,I have grown weary obsessing over our financial life. So, my question is, how are we doing and are we saving enough?
Everything I hear and read is that we should be saving 15% of our income.  Is that pre tax?  Post tax?  Both? Is maxing out our 401ks enough? I recently heard your podcast on the 4 stages of your financial life which equal parts answered some questions and left me that much more confused.”

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