Ep. 233 Socially Responsible Investing

In this week’s episode of The Pete The Planner Show, we’re talking about socially responsible investing.

This, this buzzing topic, is what has everyone talking. They’re boycotting stuff, claiming they’ll never do business that feels *this* way or *that way* about whatever issue.

*Disclaimer: We have listeners that share more conservative views, in addition to listeners that skew more to the left. And, in light of this episode, I don’t really care where you place your views on the scale. For this episode, there is no right or wrong.*

The point of this episode is not for me to convince you of what I think of it. In fact, I like to think of my self more of an independent. The point of this episode is for me to start some discussion on current happenings, and how some could influence you to or to not invest. In addition, we bring on some of those who are experiencing it at the source. The Vice President of Advice for Betterment, Alex Benke, CFP® joins us for part of the show to dive into what Betterment, a large investing company, is doing in their industry from a socially responsible standpoint.

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