Ep. 24: Is Greg Saving Too Much For Retirement?

Meet Greg

Age: 31

Salary: $63,000

Employment: Special Librarian

Greg’s main concerns, in his own words:

I have three main questions, any of which I’d be happy to discuss. First, are we saving too much for retirement (if there is such a thing as too much)? Second, if we have a solid emergency fund and no children, do we really need life insurance? Third, how do we plan our financial future when we are likely to become a two-income household within the next couple of years, but we don’t know the location or compensation? I earn $63,000/yr, take-home pay is ~$3,600/mo. My wife is working on her doctoral dissertation. Once she finishes her degree, she will seek full-time work. We are both in fairly specialized fields. We have no children, and don’t plan to have any. Debt is ~$102,000 in mortgage ($725/mo), and $135,000 in student loans (all mine, ~$445/mo, and I’m relying on income-based repayment with public service loan forgiveness). Retirement saving is ~$100,000, and adding 15% of income to 403b(b) and $5,000 across two Roth IRAs.

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