Ep. 250: Your money questions, answered.

This week on The Pete the Planner Show, Pete and I are answering your money questions. To start this week’s show, we piggyback off of a question he answered in his USA Today column, “Why does my investment advisor charge based on the amount of money that I have?” Pete tackles this by diving into what a standard fee for an advisor looks like and the factors that go into why/how it can cost the same to manage $200,000 as it does $2 million. We next dive into our AskPete inbox for a question we’ve never really addressed before, “When is the right age to buy long-term care insurance?” Pete explores the benefits of long-term care insurance when timed just right, and how to avoid tacking on coverage prematurely. We answer a question from a listener wanting to know, “How do you know if you can afford youth travel sports?” Truth be told: this is a tricky question. As Pete’s daughter does youth travel sports, and… we just had to throw that out there going into this answer. Using the Ideal Household Budget to help guide our answer, Pete shows a couple options on how to about funding them. And it wouldn’t be a PTP Show episode if we didn’t wrap our show for the week up with the biggest waste of money of the week.




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