Ep. 257: How to prioritize debt pay off while saving for retirement

We’re back answering more of YOUR money questions! Why? Well, it’s what we do.

To kick off this week’s show Pete and I read an email from a listener who’s hustling her way through just shy of $50,000 of debt. She’s got $6,000 in credit card debt, nearing the end of her pre-paid funeral costs with $3,600 left to go, and is ready to tackle a $37,000 home equity loan. She’s a single lady (fellas, take note) who makes a comfortable living and actively contributes 10% of her take-home pay to a 401k. Her question? Should she invest a few thousand dollars into a 19 month CD (certificate of deposit) or continue to pay down and eliminate her debt? 

A LOT of moving pieces and goals to be achieved, but these kind of emails are our favorite to unpack.

Our next question piggy-backs off a question from last week (how to break-up with your financial advisor) as Pete discusses how to pick the best financial advisor for you! And how exactly do you pick the best financial advisor for you? By answering a question with more questions! Yes, in order to select the best person to trust in helping you oversee all the money, you’ve ever made, you’ve GOT to ask them these 10 questions. 

Anyways! Rounding out our show this week, Pete and I share a few of our favorite responses to the questions we’ve been asking on our private, FaceBook community, The RePeters! After recording each episode of our extension of this podcast, RePete, we take to The RePeters to discuss topics from this show we feel like we didn’t get to completely explore, or new ideas we want to introduce and discuss with our listeners. We’ve had some really insightful answers and couldn’t help but share some of our favorites. If you’re not a member already, don’t let any more time go by!! Click here to request access to our private community, The RePeters, and get a peak of all the #BTS of what’s happening at PTP HQ.

Want to have your question answered on air with Pete? Submit your money question to askpete@petetheplanner.com. You never know, your question could be featured in our next episode!


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