Ep. 258: Investing early, international schools & retirement questions

This week on The Pete the Planner® Show,  Pete and I could not be answering three more different financial questions.

We dive into this episode with an email so good that it’s either an incredible prank… or genuinely the best email ever. A young follower of ours (seriously, he’s 18!!) is getting ready to kick off his undergraduate career studying in the Netherlands. With a $5,000 a year tuition and no worry of student loan debt, before leaving for school he wants to invest $2,500 in the stock market. However, he’s in need of recommendations on how to start investing his money now, to set himself up to be financially stable later in life.

Switching gears, Pete and I answer a question on the topic of retirement! Our emailer is 75 years old, his wife is 65, and they have yet to retire.  (Yes, you read that correctly.) Never having a budget, our emailer has NO idea what he and his wife’s monthly expenses actually are. Concerned about deteriorating health and needing to maintain their lifestyle, our emailer is asking where and how to start preparing to finally retire.

Our final question of this week’s show comes from an emailer from the one and only Naptown!! She and her husband moved to Indianapolis fifteen years ago when he took a job as a professor at a local university. At the time, they thought their move would be temporary. However, when their daughter joined them in Indy with two young grandchildren, they stayed longer than originally anticipated. Her question? Where do they retire?! Not originating from the Midwest and having family scattered throughout the country they are at a loss of where their final destination will be. Pete and I break down and weigh in on her three options. 

And, of course, we wrap up our episode with two biggest wastes of money of the week! Cheers!


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