Ep. 259: Sharing money with your honey and emotional housing attachments

This week on The Pete the Planner® Show, Pete and I are back answering more of your money questions!

The first in the lineup? A question about quarrels over money between two honeys. Financial conversations are usually about as awesome as the Christmas sweater Great Aunt Judy made for you when you were 12 (sorry Aunt Judy.) The same goes for, and then some, when it comes to financial conversations with your special someone. Pete and I tackle this question by working through some potential external factors contributing to their troubles. And, help give a few alternate routes (because who doesn’t love options.)

Moving into the next question, sometimes… we don’t know who to ask our money questions to. And our emailer, a single dad from Denver, is the perfect example! Due to some more pertinent financial responsibilities at the time, our emailer is worried about the student loans he lost sight on during the process and the interest they’ve accrued. Pete and I unpack his question and help break down what we see as the best option for him.

Rounding out our questions this week, we answer a question from an emailer who’s increasing HOA fees and fluctuating income is leading her to rethink her housing situation. With many, many years in her current condo, she’s not sure she’s ready to emotionally give it up. But for the sake of her pocketbook, there may be better options that provide a bit more stability.

And of course, we round out our episode with a biggest waste of money of the week! Cheers!

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