Ep. 262: Taking advice from friends, housing situations, and student loans

This week on The Pete the Planner® Show, Pete and I are back answering three more of your money questions. Our first question comes from an emailer whose friend has extended his advice on “what he’d do if he was in this situation,” but wants a second opinion from Pete before they do anything. Friends always mean well when they give us bits of advice, but meaning well and actually giving us the best advice… aren’t always the same thing.

Next, in the question line-up is one of Pete’s favorite to answer: Should we sell our house or not?! An emailer is in a good spot financially, but in preparation for future financial obligations, he can’t help but wonder if their current housing situation could be inhibiting later on down the road.

We round out this week’s episode with an email from a mom who’s grown child is thinking about going back to school. Not fulfilled in her current industry, our emailer’s daughter is weighing the pros and cons of feeling so-so about work or taking on $50,000+ in student loans.

This episode was our intern Aaliyah’s last with us, so to end our show she shares with us her biggest takeaways from her summer at PTP HQ. And boy, did she make us proud.

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