Ep. 268: Home buyer’s remorse and 401k roll-overs

This week on The Pete the Planner® Show, we’re back answering more of your money questions. Our first question comes from a listener with a case of home-buyers remorse. His dilemma? He can afford his current housing situation, but he doesn’t want to afford his current housing situation. Seeing all the things he could be funding instead,  Pete weighs in and helps direct a financial focus. As we move into our next question, you may not believe me when I tell you it came from a 24-year-old. Our emailer recently left his first job out of college and is double checking his work that he should roll-over the $22,000 he put aside in a Roth 401K into his personal Roth IRA. Yes, he’s 24 years old wanting to roll over $22,000 into a personal Roth IRA. Saying Pete was proud is an understatement. Rounding out our questions this week is one of our favorites to dive into. Simply put: an emailer reached out and wants to know if she and her husband have set enough aside to retire.

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