Ep. 276: Joint bank accounts and 2nd mortgages

We’re back this week on The Pete the Planner® Show, and we’ve got something special. We’re answering more of your money questions! We’ve got three very different questions, and of course, the biggest waste of money of the week.  Kicking off our trio is a recently-married listener and her hubby are torn over deciding if they need to open a joint account and want a second opinion before they do anything. Next, an emailer with a rising second mortgage is struggling to meet his monthly payment. He’s working through a few plans but can’t seem to find a “best” option. And, rounding out our trio this week, is a saving vs. investing question. Our emailer wants to know our best advice on how to best set up a savings account w/the best interest, that can be liquidated with a few days, and we happily oblige.

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