Ep. 281: Timing when to retire and paying off mortgages early

This week on The Pete the Planner® Show, we’re back answering more of your money questions! We kick the show off with an emailer who has been berated by his friends for saving for retirement. Tired of the snide remarks, our email needs a path to address the comment without losing any (more) friends along the way. Next, we answer a question from a 62-year-old woman, raising her grandkids. She’s been at her job for 24 years, however, she’s ready to retire to be home with her grandkids while they’re still young. The only wrinkle in her plan is timing WHEN to retire to ensure she has time left with her grandkids, but not pulling the retirement plug too early and depleting her assets while shes still got years ticking on a clock. And to wrap up this week’s show, Pete dives into a question from an emailer wondering if it makes sense to use some 401k bonds to pay off his mortgage ahead of schedule.

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