Ep. 29: Female Elvis Talks Through Her Complicated Financial Life

Meet Female Elvis

Age: 38

Salary: $14,000/month combined

Female Elvis’s main concerns, in their own words:

We are two very successful people, but we just went from living in an apartment in Chicago to buying a house in Des Moines, IA. Buying lots of furniture and having a baby plus daycare…BOOM! We do pretty well for a week or two then all of a sudden we have credit card debt again! On maternity leave, I did a little too much 3am online shopping and that caught up to us. OOPS! We have two condos in MN we still own and rent out, trying to figure out how to manage those and “issues” that might arise, or if we should just sell them! Our goal is to save $1,000/month but we haven’t been making that goal either! UGH!

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