Ep 31: Chick McGee and Jess Hooker Help Clark Out

We have a really special episode this week, as Chick McGee and Jess Hooker join us on the Ask Pete the Planner Podcast! You may know them from the Bob & Tom radio show and their own Off the Air podcast. Chick and Jess are here to help us chat with Clark about moving to Colorado and what this change may entail for him and his family.

Where you can find Chick and Jess:

Off the Air podcast at ChickMcGee.com

Chick McGee on Twitter

Jess Hooker on Twitter

Now… to the show!

Meet Clark

Age: 35

Salary: $115,000

Clark’s main concerns, in their own words:

We have $40K in student debt, a mortgage (modest payment), 1 car loan, ~$20K in checking, and $15K in savings. Both of us have retirement accounts, an 18 month old, and baby #2 is coming in September. We hope to move to Colorado from Indiana in 1-2 yrs. I’m looking for advice and direction on how we can better allocate our income to best benefit our long term goals, and better free up the added cost of 2 kids, and living in Colorado.

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