Ep. 329: Why HSAs are one of the best financial products on the planet

Pop in your earbuds or turn the sound on and listen while you work. In this latest edition, Pete and Damian tell you why they love Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Feel like you don’t know enough about what those are or how best to use yours? This one’s for you.

Show Notes:

  • Got access to an HSA through your employer? Consider signing on; this vehicle may make better sense for stashing away more money for retirement.
  • HSAs help consumers handle the “first dollars” of healthcare expenses by making withdrawals from tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to pay for those expenses
  • They offer you triple tax advantage: Contributions to HSA are tax-deferred, tax-deductible, and tax not taxed at withdrawal

There’s more to learn. Click play to hear all of the great info!

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