Ep. 330: Is A HELOC the Winning Option?

Ep 330: Is A HELOC the Winning Option?

Another week, another show! Press play and listen as Pete and Damian weigh the HELOC vs. the ‘Double Move.’ Yes, it’s HELOC, not to be confused with a mythical Master of the Universe. Can’t listen? Check the Notes.

Show Notes:

  • Have an end-game in mind, then set about finding financial options to make it happen. In other words, it’s helpful to know what you want and know what you want to avoid. It makes narrowing your options much easier.
  • LIFEHACK: (Assuming plans are in place), put your house on the market, take a well-timed vacation, stow your housewares in a POD and have them waiting for you at the new place when you return.


This one includes a BONUS feature on a particularly bad idea for Emergency Funds. Learn why. You’ve got to click play on this one!

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