Ep 331: Preparing for A Prenup & More!

The tag team is back again! This week, Pete and Damian tackle Considerations when Preparing for a Prenuptial Agreement, Going into Debt to buy Furniture, and ‘Retirement Confidence.’ Three very real topics, for very real people!
Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes!

Show Notes:

  • Proposing a prenup can be tough. Having a clear and vulnerable conversation about the households you both come from and the (perhaps painful) experiences you’ve had is key. It’s about emotional intelligence.
  • You’ve got to want to retire. And you’ve got to have a plan to do so. If your nest eggs cover your month to month needs and are willing to manage your expenses, enjoy the new freedom!


Establishing better behaviors with money is always the goal.  Click play to learn how to make the best of these very real scenarios!

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