Ep. 332 Power Percentage

Ep. 332: Power Percentage™

Introducing Power Percentage™.

You have been trying to measure your financial life for years. You measure it by your credit score, your net worth, your income, your savings or retirement account balances… yet none of those reward you for good behavior like paying off debt. This is where Power Percentage™ comes in. Power Percentage™ is the metric that blows all the others out of the water. It rewards you for good behavior and doesn’t punish you for a low income. EVERYONE has to know their Power Percentage™ to see where they are financially. Listen to this episode to calculate yours today, and to learn how to move it up rapidly.

Power Percentage™ is also a huge part of the Million Dollar Plan course that helps YOU become a millionaire. It’s not rocket science, it’s not good luck, it’s a plain and simple plan to help you get your first million.

Check out the Million Dollar Plan here and listen a replay of our classic Power Percentage™ episode below.

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