Ep 334 Am I Saving Too Much Money

Ep. 334: Am I Saving TOO MUCH Money? Help.

New week, new show! This time, Pete is joined by… Damian! They wax so poetic about retirement and advisors that they had to extend the segment! Is it possible to be saving TOO MUCH money for retirement? Find out when you push play!
Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes!

Show Notes:

  • When is it ever enough? Is that even possible? How do you know when you’re overdoing it? There are layers and nuances to the work/life balance. There is no easy answer. But having hard conversations (especially with your significant other) can help you think through the strategy that makes the most sense for you.
  • Maybe you’ve been able to successfully manage your own money yourself. Pete Loves an in-tune investor.” It’s good. But, recognize what you’re capable of and your inclinations if things start to go sideways.
  • Seeking an advisor? Ask *these questions first. (But make sure you tell them you’re interviewing, upfront.)


*You’ve got to listen to find out what to ask. 😁
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