Ep. 335: With $1M Saved, I Can Retire Now, Right?

Back into the mailbag! New on the show, Pete and Damian try to find balance in their skepticism toward a retirement-bound writer. With over $1M in investable assets and a continuing part-time job, why is he still concerned about outliving his savings? Pete and Damian investigate the details of the story.
Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes!

Show Notes:

  • The first and main question Pete and Damian ask is a simple one, “With 5 years until retirement, how much does his live on now?”
  • With +$1M in assets plus the promise of part-time income, the writer checks the boxes for savings and diversification. It’s entirely reasonable that he could succeed in retirement.
  • Peter and Damian cleverly deduce that he’s left out details about current expenses and lifestyle. These are key pieces of information; they tell the story of the present to help predict the one of the future.


Click play below to follow their investigations.

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