Ep. 336: Signs of a Chaotic Financial Life

This week, we’re talking about the chaos that can ensue in your financial life.

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Show Notes:

Chaos—while fun to spell and fun to say is not so fun when it comes to your financial life. If you’re waiting on your next paycheck to pay major bills such as your rent, your mortgage, or a car payment–you feel like you’re never getting ahead. That my friends causes stress and is the first sign leading to a chaotic financial life. It’s not the only sign, but it’s a good first indicator.

When looking at chaotic financial lives, you could be in one right now. Or, you could have been there in a different stage of your financial life, heck you might even be in this situation down the road–but today I want to tackle any and all chaos in your financial life. I’m gonna break. it. down. *record scratch* If you’re living a chaotic financial life, I want to de-chaosify it. If you’re not right now, down the road you’ll know the signs to prevent chaos-ifying your life.

Today, over the course of this episode, we’re going to cover:

  1. What does chaos look like?
  2. What are the signs of a chaotic financial life?
  3. Why does chaos exists?

I want you to conquer the chaos, however much that might be, that is in your financial life. I’m going to give you the tools so you can kiss chaos goodbye, and wave hello to financial ease.

Click play below to find out the signs and hear if you might be amidst chaos..

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