Ep. 338: Inheritance Is Coming. What Should I Do?

Familiar and funny as ever, Pete and Damian disagree. Our regular listeners will know what an occasion this is. “I’m going to receive a $130,000 inheritance. What should…”  WAIT! Before you tune out the rest of the question, there are some home-buying gems you should hear in this show.
Can’t listen? Check the Show Notes!

Show Notes:

  • The writer has a $130K inheritance coming. While we listen with jealous ears, he writes should he use it to pay down his current mortgage, or save the $130k for the next home purchase? How should he use the inheritance in the smartest way possible?
  • Without knowing all of the details, Pete and Damian discuss the range of options with two different time horizons: 10 years from retirement and 30+ years from retirement.
  • Peter and Damian disagree, one claiming a better option would be to grow the $130 through market instruments, and the other backing a more cashflow-forward approach.


Click PLAY below to learn who said which and why.

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