Ep. 343: Bridging the Financial Questions Gap, Finally.

FIRST SHOW OF THE NEW DECADE! Starting 2020 off in the right way, Pete and Damian are…still here.  Seriously, to welcome us all into a new season, it’s only right that the team introduce you to something new. Click play to hear all about what we’ve been up to.
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Show Notes:

  • Everyone say congratulations to Damian, our new Vice-President of Advice!
  • Our first writer has a financial advisor, and wants to ask about retirement vehicles and mortgage, but believes they’re inclined to steer conversations into keeping as much money with them as possible. Is that true? He seeks reassurance.
  • The answer here is Yes, you can go to your wealth advisor and ask them about IRA and mortgage. But Pete’s brings back some wise words from his own father, “The mere fact that you’re asking the question, already gives you the answer.” 

Something Special

  • This question brings up a perfect reason for our latest work. There is a gap here in the financial world that needs to be bridged. It’s a chasm of Financial Questions Left Unanswered & Personal Complexities Left Unexplored.  What does that mean? The early levels of money-related questions often get overlooked because those aren’t the types of financial activities the typical advisors get paid for helping with. The vast majority of people’s financial concerns are more basic than the common end-points like 401(k) and investing.
  • What did we do about it? Introducing Hey Money – our new service for you to have access to financial experts whenever you need it. Get on the Hey Money Launch List for EXCLUSIVE first access. The Launch List is the only way to access Hey Money for the first few weeks when we launching in early February.


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