Ep. 349: The Launch of Hey Money!

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This week, we’ve got something really special for your listening ears!  Pete and Damian are back to formally introduce our new product for you, HEY MONEY! Oh, and they answer questions from the mailbag, too.
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Show Notes:

  • Scenario 1: Our first writer and spouse are buying their first home at 58! Are they too old for this? They’ve saved 35K. Should they buy?
  • Pete & Damian say: What their payment is going to be, buying or renting, should be about 25% of their gross income (take home pay). — They should try and time their mortgage to end as close to retirement as possible. The 15-year mortgage option should strongly be considered for this couple and their scenario. — Without knowing their income, it’s also key to ask the question: Why do they want to buy a house now? — Culturally, they should also endeavor to understand the differences between renting and homeownership. Being able to lean on a landlord to make repairs will certainly be a habit that needs to be broken. — Finally, remember that right on the other side of 58 is 59-and-a-half, when access to qualified access opens up….this new stream of potential income could be a recipe for disaster in terms of spending if they’re not careful.
  • Scenario 2: HEY MONEY IS HERE! It’s been a dream for about 15 years. Pete has been trying for over a decade to figure out how to offer very affordable financial guidance to the masses. The technology and the timing have met in a perfect marriage to make this possible. Get in early. Listen to the show for the special 10%-off offer code! Ready to get started? Subscribe here: www.CallHeyMoney.com


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