Ep. 355: Can We Call This An Economic Pandemic?

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This week on the show... Pete and Damian ask questions, too! 

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Show Notes:

We want to show you how to prepare yourself financially for uncertain and tough times like this.

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  • Stimulus Payments:
    • “When will I get my stimulus benefit check? Well… *within two weeks from the date of this posting, IF you’re eligible and have a bank account with direct deposit information on file with the IRS from your 2018 or 2019 taxes.
    • But it’s complicated. Some Americans may not see any money for weeks!
    • “What’s taking so long?” Well… there are giant government agencies trying to create an entirely new program and execute it for millions of people in mere weeks, and none of us really know the true scope of how this will all go.
      • There will be mountains of papers and studies done in the coming months about how this was handled.
  • Real Estate:
    • The mailbag has overflowed with questions about real estate lately. Some want to buy, some want to rent out a property for extra cash, and in some cases, some recently entered into a contract to buy a home and hadn’t listed or sold the one they’re already in! (Yikes! The timing!) It’s certainly not ideal, but it’s probably best to forfeit that earnest money and sit tight where you are for awhile with the economy in shambles.
    • Want to refinance? There are instances where refinancing makes sense at this time with the interest rates as they are. Other times…sit tight. It’s probably best to contact the team to chat about your details.
    • Can rental properties save your finances? In times like this, pretty much everything gets crushed and there’s really no safe place to run and hide.



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