Ep. 356: Economic Pandemic; Rebuilding from Recession

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This week on the show... Pete and Damian visit all kinds of thoughts on saving the world? Eh, maybe not; keeping it local takes center stage!

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Show Notes:

We want to show you how to prepare yourself financially for uncertain and tough times like this.

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  • Going Forward:
    • We need people to keep the rebuild in mind and put together a sustainable financial plan and base for their family.
    • Going forward, we’re going to have to establish some major behavioral changes; from the household to all levels of government.
      • Indiana, for example, has a large multi-billion dollar surplus and that is going to come in handy for the next 12-24 months as cities suffer potential tax revenue shortfalls. Pete thinks that changes from this economic pressure will ripple throughout American’s lives for the next decade. — For example: “How will Emergency Funds be viewed going forward?” 
  • Facing An Uncomfortable Reality:
    • Countries all over the world are brainstorming solutions to take care of their people throughout this economic nightmare. Our privilege, economic or otherwise, is meeting an unsteady and uncontrollable reality.Could this very real confrontation possibly have a positive impact on our perspectives and relationships? 
  • The Rebuild:
    • Let’s think and talk (and buy) local. If we improve our vision on keeping dollars local, we can all grow from this crisis.Is more intentional consumerism the solution to rebuilding the economy?



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