Ep. 36: Roy feels he must choose between medical help for his daughter or financial success

Meet Roy

Age: 35

Ray’s main concerns, in their own words:

My wife stays home to care for our medically complex 3 year old so we only have one income. We have medical debt, student loan debt and incur other debts/collections regularly due to difficulty paying for things. We struggle when trying to budget because the amount I bring in versus the amount that automatically goes out without much of an option to reduce is overwhelming. Its a horrible excuse but the irregularity of our daily lives due to our daughters medical issues keeps us from sticking with plans. Plans are great to have but for weeks at a time we do whatever it takes to stay somewhat sane, including eating out, etc.

There will be more medical bills for procedures and travel in the nearer future. We had an online donation page to offset travel expenses during our last medical trip or we couldn’t have gone. Future trips and lack of funds to cover them, along with not wanting to ask family and friends online for money, has us concerned.

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