Ep. 361: The Future of Restaurants – Special Guest: Neal Brown

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The coming changes resulting from COVID-19 will spread across industries. Specifically, today, Pete and Damian talk restaurant business, the food world, and …social distancing?

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No time to listen? BUMMER. Here’s some of what happened:

Show Notes:

  • Special Guest: Neal J. Brown, Restauranteur (UKIYO, Pizzaology, The Libertine Liquor Bar)
    • How will restaurants innovate? What changes could we see?
      • “Massive shifts.” What will stick? Emphasis on sanitation. Visible cues for guests to know how sanitation happens within that space, such as a designated team member responsible for disinfecting surfaces. “What is good for the dining experience has changed for the foreseeable future.”
    • Will heath department codes change? Will the health inspection grades have to be posted?
      • “No question.” Fishers is even creating a health department to respond to just that. “A grading system that is not unlike the scarlet letter for restaurants. I think it’s a wonderful idea because (they) have nothing to hide behind.”
      • Variances for new outside dining are coming. “It’s safer to eat outside. Food trucks are going to see a very serious resurgence in the future because of that.”
    • What food trends are we going to see? Are we going to see food based on the margin it can create for the restaurant?

      • “Yeah, I do. Fast food and fast casual are doing very well. All these foods that are low cost and high value for the guest, you’re gonna see in the market.”

    • Third-party delivery services. Are we going to see more local restaurant groups create their own delivery service to secure some of that margin they had to give up?

      • “Yeah, I do. When the dust settles, there’s going to be an outcry against these third-party delivery services.”

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