Ep. 378: The Greatest Segment in the History of Our Show?!

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On this episode of the Pete the Planner Show, Pete and Damian, use 3/4 of the show to tell and answer ONE question and cover the greatest segment in the history of this show.

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No time to listen? BUMMER. Here’s some of what happened:

Show Notes:

Question 1:

    • “I’ve got an unusual conundrum. On a previous show, you said that a landscape artist shouldn’t aggressively pay off his mortgage during a pandemic. What if you already had the cash to do so? My wife and I bought our home 11 years ago with <10% down, 30-year mortgage, for more than half our take-home pay. We purchased a home we loved, in a location we loved, for a payment we could (barely) afford. Since, we’ve refinanced to a 3.15%, 15-year mortgage, which consumes about 30% of our net income. The balance is about $179K with a home value of $600K. During the last 10 years, we’ve saved and put about $650K into retirement vehicles, $55K in HSA, $60K into our kids’ 529 plans, and over $200K in savings and taxable brokerage accounts, and $25K emergency fund. We make about $180K/year and have no other debt. I’ve lost short, midterm faith in the markets – expecting a significant correction coming in the next 3-5 years. If we paid off our mortgage, we could boost our monthly brokerage account investment from $1K to $2800. I’ve thought this through. Should we liquidate some of our savings? What to do?
      • Damian: There’s a compelling argument to sell off some securities and pay it off. There would also be some tax/capital gains consequences. Considering that, with the new free money each month, that could do so many things.
      • Pate: What, to the dollar, would be the tax bill for liquidating $179K from the $200K available? By freeing up that roughly 30% of their income each month, would they avoid lifestyle creep? What is the riskier move: pay it off and “outsmart the market” or ride out the 3.15% mortgage?
      • There’s so, so much more more on this deep conversation. Check out the full show to walk through it all with our hosts!

The Greatest Segment in the History of Our Show!

    • You’ve got to hear this to believe it. Seriously.


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