Ep. 383: Managing Money Is Not A “Men’s Only” Club

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On this episode of the Pete the Planner Show, Damian is gone forever! Well….forever was a stretch. For this awesome episode, Pete is handling hosting duties and welcomes our very own, OZ for an important chat!

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No time to listen? BUMMER. Here’s some of what happened:

Show Notes:

    Women and Investing:

    • “I’m 24, and a woman. I have never invested in the stock market and I’ve always wanted to. Thinking long term, is it wise for me to invest? Studies show, fewer women invest in the stock market than men. Is there a better mechanism for the risk-averse to grow their money? How do women know when and how to jump into the market?
      • Pete: There’s been a lot of research around this topic. One shows that when women do invest, they tend to be better investors than men. Here’s the theory on why: in situations where women don’t know what to do, they investigate and to find the answers first. Men tend to plow through the lack of information anyway. That likely leads men into more binds than women.
      • Nevertheless, it’s a predominantly male industry. You should find a female investment advisor. Here’s one!”

Equity and The Industry:

    • The gender equity gap is expected to only grow wider in this country. We are all better off with equitable workplaces.

This is only the highlight reel! Dive into this critical conversation! — click PLAY below for the full show.

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