Ep. 384: How We Feel About What We Said 238 Days Ago!

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It’s time for a semi-annual review! On this episode of the Pete the Planner® Show, Peter and Damian discuss their current views on the concerns they had from March 1, 2020! 

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No time to listen? BUMMER. Here’s some of what happened:

Show Notes:

On the Pandemic:

    • On the pandemic, how concerned are you on a scale of 1-10?
      • Damian: (NOW) – 6/7. We’re navigating our daily lives, but there’s still something sitting out there… (MARCH) – 1, for my family’s safety.
      • Pete: (NOW) – About an 8, trending towards 9. (MARCH) – I was a 6.

On the Market:

    • “On the market, 1 = no concern, 10 = freaking out?
      • Damian: (NOW) – 2. We’ve been through lots of traumatic stuff over the last 100 years, but things keep steamrolling on. (MARCH) – 1.
      • Pete: (NOW) – 1 on a long-term view, 2 on short-term view. (MARCH) – 1.

On the Economy:

    • On the economy, where are you on the US economy?
      • Damian: (NOW) – About a 7. We’ve talked about a number of challenges coming (election, evictions, virus ramping back up) so sI’m a little afraid of getting into an open-close cycle in the next 3-12 months… (MARCH) – 3-5, with the information we had.
      • Pete: (NOW) – About an 8 or 9. For the same reasons, maybe a hair stronger though. (MARCH) – I was more concerned about the economy than the pandemic, back then.


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