Ep. 385: The Effects of the Pandemic (and Recession) on Higher Ed

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On this episode of the Pete the Planner Show, Peter and Damian welcome a special guest: Phil Schuman, Executive Director of Financial Wellness & Education at Indiana University!

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No time to listen? BUMMER. Here’s some of what happened:

Show Notes:

Catching Up:

    • “What does the local economy of Bloomington, look like?
      • Phil: I’m glad people hare respecting the mask mandates and following the rules for managing COVID-19, but it’s different; it’s a very different vibe. We’ve seen lots of locals support restaurants.


    • “From a financial perspective… what’s the vibe of students?
      • Phil: Weirdly, it’s fairly similar. Also, I’m hearing more conversations about about 401(k)s and resources they can use. We’re asking “what can we do to help them overcome financial issues that keep students from their degree?”


    • “Have you seen a trend with parents taking out more or less student loan debt during this pandemic?
      • Damian: The trends are still parented trying to figure out how they’re going to pay for it, especially if there’s been an income disruption in the household…

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