Ep. 392: Let’s Break Down This New Stimulus Bill…

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This week on the Pete the Planner Show, Pete admits that Damian was right! Whether you know if that’s common or not, check out the show to find out why.

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No time to listen? BUMMER. Here’s some of what happened:

Show Notes:

The New New Stimulus Package:

    • What’s included in the bill that people are upset about?”
      • Damian: It’s equal opportunity to offend everyone. The direct payments to individuals got a lot of attention. The first time, it was $1200, this time it looks to be signed off for $600. They needed to do better in this case.
      • Pete: So, it took 6 months to give people half of the money they needed to survive 6 months ago. That’s where we’re at.
    • Is Congress out of touch for the American people? Do they not understand that $600 is not a lot of money for most?


Eviction Moratorium:

    • Pete: I do like one part of the Bill that’s going to help me sleep better at night… There was reportedly $70 million in back rent due come January 1st. As part of the new Stimulus Bill, is reported to have about $25 billion in rental assistance included for people to catch up on their delayed payments.


Unemployment Benefit:

    • The new Bill includes $300 of additional unemployment benefits 
      • It finally extends to the benefit to workers in the gig economy.


There’s so much more in the full show, including the laughs!  — click PLAY below for the full show.

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