Ep. 401: Win, Lose, or Fail: Economic Recovery by Industry

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This week on the Pete the Planner Show, Pete and Damian do a lightning round review of industries to see how they might fare in the recovery of our economy!

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No time to listen? BUMMER. Here’s some of what happened and when:

Show Notes:

401(k) BALANCES BY AGE: [4:30]

  • CNBC’s “Make It” segment started a great conversation: “What is the average balance in a 401(k) according to age?”

    • 20-29: $15,000  [contribution ave.: 7.4% – should be 12-14%]
    • 30-39: $50,800  [contribution ave.: 8.3% – not enough]
    • 40-49: $120,800  [contribution ave.: 8.9% – not enough]
    • 50-59: $203,600  [contribution ave.: 10.4%]
    • 60-69: $229,100  [contribution ave.: 11.4%]
    • 70+: $213,600
  • Damian and Pete (and our live listeners) have all sorts of issues with this chart. You’ve gotta listen to this to set your expectations.


  • Pete: Consumer demand is real: the next 18 months might be a huge economic boom. Let’s look at different industries to predict if they’ll Win, Lose, or Fail
    • Airlines:
      • Damian: WIN – people will travel like they never have before.
      • Pete: WIN – but I’ve gotten several vouchers for free travel that I can use. Is that just me?
    • Restaurants:
      • Damian: WIN – I’ve got my fingers crossed
      • Pete: WIN – burgers and pizza places especially
    • ZOOM & Telework services:
      • Damian: LOSE – maybe it’s my own opinion, but I think people will prefer in-person interaction after this
      • Pete: LOSE – it’s tough. I don’t think they’ll fail.
    • Commercial Real Estate:
      • Damian: LOSE – Hybrid models and spatial needs reconsiderations are going to be high
      • Pete: LOSE – I agree.
    • Residential Real Estate:
      • Damian: LOSE – It’s gotta slow down, right?
      • Pete: LOSE – I’ve got a loss on this one as well
    • Malls:
      • Damian: LOSE – Short term, FAIL – Lon-term
      • Pete: LOSE – We are in lock-step today.
    • Home Renovation Companies:
      • Damian: WIN – As people want to be comfortable at home, yep. Win.
      • Pete: LOSE – We disagree. People are going to want to spend their money in other places.
    • Groceries:
      • Damian: WIN – Toss up.
      • Pete: LOSE – If restaurants win, how can grocery stores win?
    • Liquor Stores:
      • Damian: WIN. 
      • Pete: LOSE – People drink in good times and bad, but buying habits are going to change
    • Boats and RVs:
      • Damian: LOSE.
      • Pete: LOSE.
    • Hotels:
      • Damian: WIN.
      • Pete: WIN.
    • Rental Cars:
      • Damian: WIN.
      • Pete: WIN. 


There’s so much more in the full show, including the laughs!  — click PLAY below for the full show.

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