Ep. 417: Should I Roll Over My Older 401(k)s?

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This week on the Pete the Planner Show, Pete hits the beep AGAIN, also Damian chooses the order for the show. WHAAAAT?! 🤯😱

No time to listen?  Here’s a preview of what happened and when:

Show Notes:


  • “What do you and Damian think about sweeping your mortgage with a HELOC? We have about 50% equity in our home valued at about $420,000. I’m guessing you’ll say paying off debt with debt is always a bad idea, but is there a strategy that, to you all, makes any sense?

    • DAMIAN: “Sweeping the mortgage” is a convoluted method of leveraging your paycheck, a line of credit, and a HELOC to put big chunks of money toward the mortgage in order to eat away at the principal to lessen the amount of interest you pay on it overall.
    • PETE: Technically, this works. If you’re very disciplined, and nothing goes wrong in life, and you can find those type of vehicles that make it work. I believe that 3-5% of people could pull this off.
    • DAMIAN: The opportunities for failure seem to increase with the more steps in a process. I don’t see huge incentive to do it this way for 10 years.



  • “My investment advisor has offered to meet with us every three months, and not just a phone call. He’s suggesting a 60-90 minute formal meeting. The whole reason we have an investment advisor is so we don’t have to think about our investments that much. Is there a compelling reason for us to chat with him that frequently?”

    • PETE: I gotta think, unless this person has a family CFO and tens of millions of dollars, this is overkill right?
    • DAMIAN: Yeah, you need as much as needed, but as little as possible. This seems pretty aggressive.

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