Ep. 425: Open Enrollment: The Biggest (Financial) Missed Opportunity?

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This week on the Pete the Planner Show, Pete and Damian ease back into things from a holiday off-week! 

No time to listen?  Here’s a preview of what happened and when:

Show Notes:


  • I think people really do a disservice to themselves out of the boredom they feel around employee benefits and open enrollment. Therefore, they don’t take benefits election time seriously, they don’t do the proper research, etc. and that becomes problematic for the decision they make in the year of election and each year thereafter.
    • DAMIAN: You may be missing out on thousands of dollars of savings IF you take the time to read what’s available to you.
    • PETE: I think there is a general misunderstanding of life insurance in general, and that sadly extends to people making benefits decisions in the workplace



  • Many shows back, we made some stock market predictions for the year. The year is not quite over and there’s a lot to shake out, but we can get some updates for what’s happened so far…
    • S&P500:
      • Damian’s prediction – 12%-14%
      • Pete’s prediction – 22%
      • Current Actual: 19.83%
    • NASDAQ:
      • Damian’s prediction: lagging the S&P by 2-3%
      • Current Actual: 18.79%
    • DOW:
      •  Damian’s prediction: closer to the 14-15% range
      • Current Actual: 13.85%
    • The Hot Stock of 2021:
      • Damian’s prediction: Thor Industries
      • Year-to-Date: Up over 21%
      • Pete’s prediction: Delta Airlines
      • Year-to-Date: Up .05%


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