Ep. 428: Handling the Unexpected Expenses Parents See!

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Show Notes:


  • Managed accounts, target date fund, the list keeps going. Here’s the general process people employ when creating their own financial portfolio.

    • DAMIAN: There are all sorts of funds to put your money into.
    • PETE: Statistically, most people should be in a target date fund.
    • DAMIAN: It can often be a relatively safe and easy investment choice throughout emotional and economic cycles.
    • PETE: Be sure to solicit specific and expert financial advice in your back pocket



  • “My wife and I have moved into a  phase in life where we would like to start some simple philanthropy. The university we graduated from makes it super easy. What about setting up a scholarship for a local high school?

    • DAMIAN: There are two main ways Americans give back: writing a check, or giving your time.
    • PETE: Check out tworule.com – there are some great nuggets on there. Our Ideal Budget has about 5% of our income allocated toward charitable giving.
    • DAMIAN: Ask the question: “How can I be consistently involved in this thing I want to support?”
    • PETE: I am a huge proponent of starting a scholarship at your local high school. Start your search for how to get this done by asking about the education foundation within your district.



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