Ep. 47: Sheila considers bankruptcy

Meet Sheila

Age: 63

Sheila’s main concerns, in her own words:

I have major credit card debt due to a problem with gambling. I don’t want to file bankruptcy. I want someone to help me figure out what I can do to get out of this mess I created. I have a 401(k) plan worth over $46,000. and no other savings. I am still employed full time and have a part time job as well. My husband is on disability and receives Social Security Disability. I am 20 payments away from paying off my car loan and I have a mortgage and a personal loan from the bank. I am a mess financially! I am not behind on any payments but only paying minimum payments is just getting me further and further behind. Please help. I have stopped gambling at the casinos which is where I got myself into trouble. Thanks!

What we cover on the episode:

  • When it’s the right time to declare bankruptcy

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