Ep. 54: Whitney is afraid her impending bonus and her spending habits will ruin her long-term goals

Meet Whitney

Age: 30

Whitney’s main concerns, in her own words:

My husband and I are both 30. I earn $104,000/year and he earns $130,000/year. We have two children, a six month old and a two year old. Our children are in daycare while we work, this costs $528/week. We recently bought a new van, which costs $500/month. Our mortgage is $1,300/month. Our annual 401K contributions are $10,400 (me) and $18,000 (him + his employer). We have STD and LTD through our employers and also through our financial planner. We contribute to our HSA in excess of our family’s deductible. We have 529 plans for both boys. We need help making sure we maximize our left over money. We would like to buy a new home in 3-5 years. We would like to schedule a vacation every year. We want to save enough each year to set up a comfortable situation for our children. We want to know what else we can do to prepare for what we don’t see coming.

What we cover in this episode:

  • maximizing a bonus
  • creative ways to reduce to dining out costs

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