Ep. 83: Mikey needs to wakeup

M$D: N/A

Meet Mikey

Age: 35

Mikey’s main concerns, in his own words:

I am 35 years old, married with three kids. We are buried in too much debt: $17K credit cards, $17K personal loan, $35K student loans, $13K car loans, $170K mortgage. Zero in savings, $18K saved in retirement. My main concern is that I’m 35 years old, not contributing to retirement or an emergency fund in order to pay our monthly obligations. After paying all of our bills each month, there is barely anything left over to pay down debt or save. I desperately need help figuring out a plan to get out of the mess. PLEASE HELP PETE!

What we cover in this episode:

  • Exploring the influence of how Mikey and his wife grew up learning about money
  • Options for increasing income when the situation calls for it
  • Finding motivation to dive into the hard stuff for a couple of years

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