Ep. 85 Henry is a veteran who delayed his financial life for you and me

M$D: 10/2/2049

Meet Henry

Age: 28

Henry’s main concerns, in his own words:

I am 28, went to the army at 18, then finished undergrad at 24, didn’t like my job and was living paycheck to paycheck, went back to grad school and graduated at 28 (last December). So I feel that I am behind all my friends, although they don’t make the best financial decisions anyways lol. But I feel old and I am just starting my career and I love my new career so I feel behind there too cause some of my successful cohorts are between 26-30. I have some student loans (army paid for most plus my savings from being in the army) that total about 31k and they kick in about 3 months from now. I didn’t have a college fund so I saved some between undergrad and grad school but still had to use some loans and I upgraded my old truck (164K to a slightly newer truck 90K) as the old one kept having problems so about 11K left to pay off there. When I moved I had no money so I used my credit to about 6K and that is half way paid off in past 2 months. So I’m looking at what to do for the future now.

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