Episode 18: Darren

Meet Darren.

Age: 24

Darren’s main concerns, in his own words:

I struggle with knowing what to do with “extra money”. I think investing vs. saving money to buy a house is a big concern. I fortunately have no debt and managable expenses on a monthly basis. I probably overspend on food, but make up with not too many entertainment expenses. I have some money in Roth ira, a company match 401k, and a small amount in my company’s employee stock purchase plan. I’ve accumulated some assets over the past few years, but have kept a pretty constant amount in my savings account. I want that savings to “work for me”, but be able to have access to it quickly as well.

********Darren lost his job soon after writing this summary. We recorded the podcast four days after he lost his job. Everything had changed, in an instant.

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