Episode 20: Ned

Meet Ned

Age: 54

Salary: N/A

Employment: N/A

Ned’s main concerns, in his own words:

I was married until 2005 and had very little saved in my 401k. I had a pension at that time and it was automatic. Since then I have worked to maximize my savings. I moved to a new job and when I did was forced to take action on my pension. I rolled it into my 401k. Since then it has grown. I struggle with knowing how much to save for retirement. I really have no idea how much to save. My old 401k is through Fidelity and I have tried using their services to understand how to invest my money. I asked for info on how to invest but they said they were limited. Their solution is to roll the money out and let them manage it for a “fee”. I am saving in a new 401k now but still worry about my projected retirement. I would like to retire at 62, just 8 years away but am uncertain that the money will mature quickly enough to keep my financial boat going through my retirement years.

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