Episode 21: KC

Meet KC

Age: 26

Salary: N/A

Employment: N/A

KC’s main concerns, in her own words:

I’m 26 and feel like I have things under control. I bought my car with cash a few years ago, purchased a condo in the San Francisco Bay area, and I am currently putting 20% of my pay into retirement. I’m naturally a resourceful and relatively frugal person, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m cheap – I splurge on clothes and accessories regularly and have taken an international trip every year for the past 5 years. Now what? I know I can always do better, so I guess I challenge you to find a piece of advice that can help me improve?  I’m part way through your book, just took your quiz and discovered I’m a master of finances. What do I do now?! What kind of financial goals should I be making if I feel like I’ve already achieved them at this point in my life?

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