Ep. 22: Grant Learns Net Worth is a Motivator

Meet Grant

Age: 26

Salary: $60,000

Employment: Engineer

Grant’s main concerns, in his own words:

We are newly weds with big plans for the future, but a lot of loan debt lurking. I have felt pretty confident in managing my money since college, but recently feel like with two incomes I need some better direction going forward. We currently rent an apartment in Indianapolis and have plans to move to Orlando (and buy our first home there) within the next 5 years in pursuit of career dreams.

I’m an engineer with as salary of $60k, my wife is a dietitian making a salary of about $42k. Together we are still in the process of gathering our money to be in the same account, but we have approximately $40k in savings and $3k in checking accounts. I have about $10k in my 401k which I contribute 5% to each paycheck.

My wife has no debt to her name . I have about $70k in student debt (been paying regular and $7k in a car loan. We both use credit cards for cash back, paying them off monthly

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