Episode 5: Mitzi

Meet Mitzi

Age: 29

Income: $6,700/net monthly


  • $5,000 credit card debt
  • $2,500 medical bills
  • $25,000 car loan


Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 9.19.47 AM

Mitzi’s main concerns, in her words

My husband and I are attempting to make the switch from paying for everything with credit cards and paying them off monthly to using all cash. We are also attempting to adhere to a real budget for the first time in seven years of marriage. We currently have $5000.00 in credit card debt, $2500.00 in medical bills, $25,000.00 car loan, $175,000.00 mortgage, and a rental property mortgage for $205,000.00. We also have frequent discussions regarding maintaining or selling the rental property.

3 thoughts on “Episode 5: Mitzi

  1. I like these examples, I just want some different income levels. It feels like all the examples are making $100k and the median income for a household in Indianapolis is $52k.

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