Ep. 50: Is BJ a lifestyle creep?

Meet BJ

Age: 31

BJ’s main concerns, in his own words:

My financial situation is relatively complex, for a 31 year old. I am in technology sales and have been pretty successful, especially over the last 3 years. The large increases in my W2 over this time span have led me to purchase a house (not on a 15 year mortgage, though…), start and contribute to a 401k, invest in an employee stock purchase program, etc. I am saving, but not sure I am saving enough.

To add to this, my wife owns a franchise restaurant and is paying off a large loan that she used to get started. She owns the land, the building itself, and the franchise now. She pays herself a decent wage to manage the store, but ultimately, my salary/commissions pay for the mortgage, bills, etc. We are DINKs…dual income, no kids.

I’d love to actually have a strategy with my money and be confident that I am not screwing up.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How to manage a high income
  • Setting net worth goals to measure progress

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